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No Annual fee with the Interest Rate of 19.99% Application
Low Rate Option  with a $59.00 Annual fee with the Interest Rate of 14.90% Application

In Canada, to borrow money for significant purchases, you need to have a good credit history. One great way to start building your credit history is with an Home Trust Secured Visa card. Depending on your circumstances, you might benefit from using the Home Trust secured Visa card. With this card, you decide how much credit you think you’ll need and then deposit that amount as security. For example, a $1,000 security pledge would give you a spending limit of $1,000 on your Home trust Secured Visa Card.

Your credit history is a list of facts, gathered from financial institutions, retailers and other lenders, about how you have handled credit in the past. Canada’s central credit bureaus keep track of how Canadians borrow and repay money, and then create a credit score for each borrower in the country. Your good credit score is proof to other potential lenders that you can be relied on to pay your bill sand make payments on time.

Secured credit card options are also available for international students and Canadians looking to build or re-establish credit. Simply pledge a security deposit equal to the approved credit limit on the card and we’ll put the funds in a Home Trust interest-bearing investment.

Credit cards are pretty much required these days – for renting cars, reserving hotel rooms, paying for gas and making Internet purchases. And, a credit history is something we all need in life. Whether you’re looking down the road to book a vacation or even planning to buy a new car or condo, a strong credit history can make things a lot easier. A Secured card will help get you started on that road. Just use your card and be sure to make your payments on time, and watch your credit history grow. 

Establish your credit history with a Home Trust Visa Card – even if you’ve had credit problems in the Past !

Your Alternative Lending Specialist 

  • AAA Rates for AAA Credit Customers
  • Purchase and Refinance
  • Private Sale
  • Rural Properties
  • Power of Sale / Foreclosures
  • Mobile Homes
  • Townhomes and Condos
  • Rental Properties
  • Bridge Financing
  • Rural / Acreage
  • Well & Septic
  • Waterfront
  • No Income or Credit Check 2nd Mortgages
  • Separation/Divorce Mortgages
  • Refinance and Equity Take Outs
  • Debt Consolidations
  • Commercial / Construction Loans
  • Self Employed Borrowers
  • Stopping POWER OF SALES
  • Paying Off Tax Arrears
  • Judgments, Garnishments, Liens
  • Money To Close
  • Bridge Loans
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Rental Properties
  • Duplex/Triplex/Fourplex
  • Commercial Properties

Income Used:

We will also use the following types of income to qualify our clients:

  • 100% Maternity Leave
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Workers Compensation
  • Pension
  • Disability
  • Season Work Income
  • Investment Income
  • RRIF Income
  • Rental Income (100%)

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Home Trust Secured Visa Card

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